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Ginger's session at Old Petrie Town

a kelpie walks joyfully through a sunlit park

Ginger’s owner was given a gift certificate for a session with me. Ginger is getting on in age and is a little slower these days, so we spent the afternoon strolling around Old Petrie Town enjoying the beautiful weather and stopping here and there for some portraits. Old Petrie Town is one of my favourite locations for a session due to all the different backgrounds. We were extra lucky to be shooting during bougainvillea blooming season! I always tell owners to bring along a few of their pets’ favourite treats, and in 4 years, she is the first to have brought along a container of carrot slices! As for the modelling, I think miss Ginger NAILED it. What do you think?

a kelpie poses in front of a fire hydrant during a dog photography session
A kelpie makes direct eye contact in front of a bright red door during a dog photography session
a kelpie poses in a sunlit park during a dog photography session
a kelpie dog smiles at the camera
A brown kelpie stands in front of a background of bright purple flowers

See a few more sessions from Old Petrie Town: Tango, Tally & Nina, Ella. Love what you see? Book a session of your own!

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