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Guest Post | National Cook for your Pets Day! by Suburban Pup

Guest post for National Cook For Your Pets Day by Anna Jones, Lead Human, suburban pup

Suburban Pup makes and delivers fresh, human-grade dog meals, because humans are busy (and dogs are awesome).

And Cook For Your Pets Day is close to our heart, but we also realise it can feel a bit out of everyday reach for plenty of hectic households (and their hounds). So When Tails of Time invited us to write this guest blog post, we started thinking about how to add just a taste of fresh, human-grade food to your dog’s bowl tonight without leaving the house.

And then we realised a capitalised Day is a great excuse to set up some truly good habits, so we came up with a working week’s worth of ideas – all still actionable from within your suburban surrounds.

1. Protein ideas

Stepping up to the best quality protein that’s realistic for you and your pup is one of the best ways to support their longevity day-in and day-out.

So if you tend toward feeding processed kibble or canned food, maybe substitute a spoon of unseasoned meat from your own dinner plate tonight. And if you currently cook up a supermarket-sourced chicken/veg/rice kinda combo for your puppy, why not set a spoon of raw meat aside in the fridge, and add it to their bowl right before serving.

If you’re already doing some fresh or raw feeding, you can add some easy but rich protein variety with a free range egg (and its crushed shell for a little calcium boost). Don’t be shy either about asking your local butcher to dice some organic liver or heart muscle (and portion whatever you don’t serve immediately in an ice cube tray before freezing), or helping you consider sensibly-sized/shaped raw meaty bones to add a safe teeth-work dimension.

2. Veg ideas

Fresh vegetables can add a nutrient boost to help optimise your pup’s daily wellness, especially when they’re prepared appropriately for your canine.

Dogs are likely to take to the taste of starchy veg to begin with, and these generally require cooking (pumpkin and sweet potato are go-tos with tummy upsets for example).

And ultimately, it’s great to aim for a shot of raw leafy greens, always pulverized for maximum nutrient absorption (spinach is a favourite for the humans and pups alike in our house!)

3. Supplement ideas

If you’re using the best quality protein and veg, a lot of your pup’s nutrient needs are provided for, but there are a couple of supps you’re likely to have conveniently at the ready in your kitchen.

For instance, adding renowned all-rounder omegas can be as simple as the lightly cooked skin from your own piece of salmon, or an unsalted sardine.

Meanwhile, antioxidants can be boosted via a sprinkle of the same basic spirulina powder or dog-friendly fruit you pop into your own morning smoothie.

4. Support ideas

Numerous suburban pup clients say they simply wouldn’t have tried fresh and eventually raw feeding without the gentle introduction of our popular lightly cooked meals.

So go online window shopping, whether it’s via your nearby pet specialist warehouse or boutique businesses like suburban pup, and take a good look at some like-minded dog food providers who can support and progress your pup’s food journey. For instance, suburban pup recently created veg + supplement meal mixes meeting demand for more home prep flexibility, but still with a healthy dash of convenience.

5. More ideas

Finally, if your pup loves any of these meal tweaks, work on slowly increasing them in regularity or variety over time – it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your pup’s wellness and longevity (not to mention your own peace of mind!)

And if your interest in home meal prepping has been particularly piqued, you’re welcome to download more ingredient ideas and even some recommended recipe proportions from our consulting canine nutritionist Ruth Hatten’s Real Food Diet Checklist.

Remember, starting with a simple taste of something new is always the key to a smooth dietary transition for your pup – and a truly sustainable lifestyle transition for you!!

Because every one of your days together can only benefit from a bit of Cook For Your Pets Day inspo.

- Anna

Here's a few of the Tails of Time crew's meals, featuring some Suburban Pup!

If any SEQ QLD pups are interested in trying some Suburban Pup, Anna has given us a special code you can use that will get you 21% off your order if you place it between now and 3rd Nov. Use the code KOKODA21

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