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In 2011, I brought home a teeny little pup. He was quiet when I chose him. That didn't last! He was an adventurer at heart. Always up for it and always ready. Hiking, swimming, kayaking. Hunting geckos, chasing fish. He was busy, and he was perfect. Unfortunately his zest for life took a toll. Those of you who have been following me for some time know about Kokoda’s diagnosis. 4 years ago, just before his 7th birthday Koda was diagnosed with heart failure - a devastating and unfortunately prevalent disease within cavaliers. There's no cure, only the hope of slowing the progression. Once his medications kicked in, he'd never really shown a sign of it. I'd joke that no one was allowed to tell him he had heart failure, because he didn't know based on the way he continued to run, swim and play his way through life. Unfortunately he declined a bit at the end of last year, with the medications taking a toll on his kidneys. I was told he had "maybe a few months.” In my head I thought we’d have a bit longer. He’d done much better than anyone predicted up until this point- why wouldn’t he defy expectations again? But unfortunately, they were right. I had to make the decision every dog owner dreads, and said goodbye to my best boy last week, after nearly 12 years with him by my side. My heart is broken, I still find myself thinking about him each day and this post has taken forever to write because I end up crying and unable to see the keyboard. I don’t have the words to describe how much he’s missed, nor those to describe how good of a dog he was; the best buddy. He’s off to go swim now, pain free and tail wagging all the water droplets everywhere.

This was taken just a few weeks ago at our local creek while he went 'fishing'

What did give me comfort, more than knowing how to put it in words, was the 1000’s of memories we’ve made over the years, and the photos we have. The little everyday moments- captured just on my phone are treasured as equally as those I’ve taken with my camera. They may not be hanging on my wall, but I love them.

So this is my message to you, take photos. Sure, I am going to recommend that you pay a professional - I do think your dog deserves an amazing piece of artwork on your wall, and there's something magical in the process of a shoot with a professional. But I'm also going to say, don’t underestimate the importance of those little everyday moments either; of the weird way they sleep upside down, or the cheeky face they make while begging for food, or when they wake up from a nap and their face is smooshed. AND PLEASE get some photos with you and your dog together, because one day they won’t be by your side and a photo is all you’ll have to show for nearly 12 years of perfect.

Big thanks go to my mum for helping to dog wrangle and my sister for camera clicking for me
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Mar 15

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