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 A fundraising book project

One Dog, Two Dogs, Three Dogs... More!

Celebrating my fellow canine enthusiasts and their big, furry families!

“You’ve got your hands full.”

It’s the comment I get every walk.

Without fail.

Sometimes people like to mix it up and also add in an “are you a dog walker?” Or “are they ALL yours?”

You see, I share my life with a crew of four cavaliers.  There is black, white and red fur everywhere, and never a dull moment.  Yet I still find myself patrolling rescue websites wondering if I could add a few more.

I much prefer the term "canine enthusiast” to crazy dog lady- but I'll take what I get.


I was at a session with a fellow canine enthusiast and her awesome dogs when I realised that I want to document this. All the fun of those wild and furry multi-dog families like my own. 


Joining with three amazing charities I am bringing you a limited edition coffee table book that captures these families in full colour, professionally produced photographs whilst raising money for incredible causes. It’s going to be epic. 

So, if you've ever heard any of the above comments walking your dogs. This one's for you. 


The logo for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Queensland. One of th partners for the pet photography project
The logo for Pets of the Homeless. One of the partners for the pet photography project
The logo for charity partner Deathrow Unchained

what you Need to know

Zali the black fluffy dog poses in front of a flame vine at New Farm Park for her pet photography session

Package 1

$120 participation fee 

  • A 1.5hr on-location photoshoot with Tails of Time
    (usually valued at $200)

  • A full-colour double page spread of your crew in our book.

  • $50 donated to your chosen charity partner by Tails of Time

    *Does not include additional products or the book itself. 




Two cavalier king charles spaniels look up through foliage during Pups, Plants ands Pizza mini-photoshoots

Package 2

$300 participation fee 

  • A 1.5hr on-location photoshoot with Tails of Time
    (usually valued at $200)

  • A full-colour double page spread of your crew in our book.

  • $75 donated to your chosen charity partner by Tails of Time


  • A large acrylic block of your favourite image 

  • A limited edition copy of the book. 




Three kelpies sit on the edge of a puddle, making it look as if there are 6 kelpies

... MORE!

$950 participation fee 

  • A 1.5hr on-location photoshoot with Tails of Time
    (usually valued at $200)

  • A full-colour double page spread of your crew in our book.

  • $150 donated to your chosen charity partner by Tails of Time

  • A limited edition copy of the book.


  • A 30" piece of wall art in your choice of finish of your favourite image (valued at $800!)

    Payment plan available. 




10% of any further artwork sales are donated by Tails of Time to your choice of charity partner. 

Be Inspired.
See the crews already photographed for One Dog, Two Dogs, Three Dogs... More!

How does it work? 

1. Secure your place before all the places fill!
Places are strictly limited. 


2. Pay your participation fee to confirm your photoshoot date. 

3. Pick a location and tell me about your crew! 

4. Enjoy your Tails of Time experience!


1. Enjoy the grand reveal at your Viewing and Ordering Session while you select which extra images you may wish to purchase for your walls or album.


2. Smile every time you walk past your artwork up on the wall!
*No order is required, and you can skip these steps if you are only interested in the book bragging rights!


1. Order your book if you haven't already!

2. Gain instant bragging rights and carry it around for months showing anyone who will stand still long enough that your dogs are superstars. 

Are you ready to take part in this amazing project?
To have your dogs immortalised in print while raising money for your chosen charity?

Places are limited, so don't hesitate!


Do I need to have 3 dogs to take part?
Yes. You must have 3 or more dogs residing in the same house to take part. You can't bring your neighbours/mums/best friend's etc. dog along- as this can make group dynamics, and therefore the session, difficult.

Can you include people /the whole family in the photoshoot?  
Of course! This is the perfect opportunity to join in on a few photos.
This session is all about capturing your life with your furry crew after all!


Where and when will the photoshoot take place?  
I have a few locations around Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.
I am also offering some select dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

South-East Queensland: you can pick a date before September that suits you!


Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide + Launceston: 2021 dates TBD 

Time wise, the best time for shoots is in the two hours after sunrise, or the two hours before sunset. This is also slightly location dependant eg. a beach will give us light into twilight, whereas we would run out of light before sunset in a forest. 


Can I buy artwork and digital files? 
You sure can - in fact 10% of all artwork sales is also donated to our charity partners! 
Purchasing artwork is not a requirement of participation. 


Will my dogs be in the book? 
Of course!
Everyone who pays their participation fee and has their session with me are guaranteed a double page spread in the final book. Yippee!

When will the book be available? 
After a bit of a set back with COVID in 2020, I am aiming to have the books available by November 2021. A perfect Christmas gift!

My crew. My inspiration. 

Meet Kokoda, Deniki, Henry and Harley. The crew that constantly keep me on my toes.
There is never a dull moment in our house, and I wouldn't change it for the world! 


My goal is to raise $5000+ for our amazing One Dog, Two Dogs, Three Dogs...More! charity partners, and I would love you to help me do this. 

This is going to be an experience you will never forget! 


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