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My absolute favourite things. 

I think it was the statistics course that did it. 

It was a soul-destroying kind of boring, and completely dissuaded me from pursuing my childhood dream of a career in veterinary science. That's how bad it was! 

So it was serendipitous really, when an email popped into my inbox one morning advertising a workshop for aspiring pet photographers. I took a leap of faith, nervously submitted my application and the rest is history. 

I've always loved photography. When I was about 11 years old, I commandeered the families point and shoot camera, and spent countless hours photographing my dog, Anzac. I saved all my pocket money to buy a camera of my own. I've barely put my camera down since!

Looking back, the pictures weren’t fantastic (frankly, quite terrible!) but they still bring me joy to this day, especially because he is no longer with us. Thankfully, there has been a few upgrades of my camera gear and my composition skills along the way, and I am now a proud AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer. 

Naturally, pets have always been my main subjects, and I am going to hedge a bet that they always will be. 


That workshop taught me many things, but the most important was that I had truly found my purpose; to document the tales of pets and the people who love them. 


Together we will capture the love, sunshine and adventure of a life filled with fur.  These moments, are the Tails of Time. 

How can I help you? 

As a fellow pet owner, I know what its like to love a pet.
*pulls my phone out to show you 1000 photos of my pets*

Their little quirks, the things that make you smile, the games of fetch, or just the quiet afternoon snuggles- that's the magic of a life filled with fur.


A professional photographic experience not only provides you with photos of these fleeting moments, but with art. This art will stand the test of time, bring you a smile everyday, amaze your visitors and will never get lost in cyberspace. I guarantee it. 


Pets are never with us long enough, but the memories of the magic, and the art we create, can be.

Why Tails of Time specifically? 

Because I am an AIPP Accredited Professional. 
I have achieved this by completing the Australian Institute of Professional Photography's rigorous application process.  This means that you can be sure that the work you will receive, and the customer service, is second to none. 

And if accreditation isn't enough, simply because I truly love what I do!
I have the best job in the world, and I want to share it with you.


I will individualise and personalise the whole experience for you and your pet/s.  No one shoot is the same, nor is the resulting artwork- but I can guarantee you will be happy! 
If not- I won't stop until you are. 




Located in Brisbane, QLD. 

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A portion from every Signature Session is donated directly to local animal rescues and international animal aid groups to give animals like my Scrat Cat a second chance at life. Read more about that here.

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