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"Thank you so much again for all the beautiful work and effort you put in for our shoot! I am so glad I went with the full package, it was well worth it, and I absolutely love it all!"


Brisbane dog running towards camera at new farm park

Your Session 


I offer a wide variety of sessions to ensure that everyone's budget is catered for. Each option will provide you with gorgeous artwork and an afternoon adventure to remember! 

A room showing the final artwork from their pet photography session


The Artwork 

When you partner with Tails of Time, my goal is to create show-stopping artwork. All of my products have been carefully selected to ensure they last a lifetime and look amazing whilst doing so! 

Wow. The photos are actually phenomenal.

I am blown away!


I absolutely love the app, and am loving being able to show everyone the photos on it. The quality is just amazing! His eyes just look phenomenal in the photo where he is wet. I can't thank you enough. 



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