Frequently Asked Questions


Do you just photograph dogs?

Not at all.
Whilst it is true that I work with dogs most frequently, I am an animal lover and proud owner of a little zoo. I work with both cats and horses as well.

Have an exotic pet?
I'd love to meet them too!

My dog isn't well trained at all/ is shy / will never stay without a lead!

Don't worry!
90% of the dogs you see photographed are the same.
Your dog doesn't need to be an obedience superstar. In fact they never have to be off lead. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get your dog looking his best, hiding those leashes or simply removing them in photoshop afterwards.

It is important to share any behavioural concerns in the pre-session evaluation so we can best work with you and your pet.
I love your pet just as they are, even if that is shy/anxious/hyper/disobedient!

My pet doesn't have much time left. Can you fit them in sooner?

Firstly, I am so sorry to hear this.
No matter how long we have with them, our pets time with us is never long enough.

I will endeavour to do my absolute best to get you and your pet in for their session as soon as possible. I always keep a few secret days on my calendar just for this purpose. So get in touch as soon as posisble and we will make it work.

How do I recieve my images?

This is entirely up to you. We will work together to create not just portraits of your pets, but stunning artwork for your home. We offer a variety of products from coffee table albums, frames, canvasses or acrylic prints. Each of these items are of the absolute highest quality and are guaranteed to last.

Do I have to be in the pictures?

I do like to suggest that you appear in just a few photos with your pet. After all, it's not something that we usually have much of, and these images are some of my most treasured after losing my previous dog, Anzac.

There are a few options to include you in the images without showing your face or body such as feet shots, silhouettes or just you far in the background.

But if you don't like the sound of this, that's fine too!
You don't have to be in any if you don't want to.

My session is scheduled today and it is windy/raining/the sky is falling!

Unfortunately the weather does have an impact on the outcome of natural light photography. So if the weather is being uncooperative we will reschedule our shoot for the next mutually convenient date.

How long after my session do I have to wait for my photos?

I endeavour to get them to you as soon as possible, and there is always a sneak peak on my facebook page shortly after your session.

Your Artwork Viewing and Ordering sesison is held 2 weeks after your scheduled shoot.

a girl and her horse in a photoshoot


Located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 

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A portion from every Signature Session is donated directly to local animal rescues and international animal aid groups to give animals like my Scrat Cat a second chance at life. Read more about that here.

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