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Barkzeland: Part Two

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Did you catch Part One? There are different challenges when shooting elsewhere. I don't know if it's something you would notice, but sunsets are often different. I noticed that in Queenstown, they are a lot more fleeting than the sunsets I'm accustomed to. The sun dips below the mountains and the light disappears quickly. They aren’t quite as bold and bright, but they're still just as epic.

Day two saw us shooting at the shotover river in two seperate locations (upper and lower shotover for some slight variation) with some AMAZING dog models. Our Models for Day two: Ticket and Bonus, heading dog and border collie. Hans, the schnauzer. Wallace, the three month old beagle.

Bonus, the merle Border Collie, was only 100g at birth. She wasn’t meant to survive, but is now thriving. She, along with Ticket (and the 10 other dogs at home) compete in agility and sledding!

So, she made a natural action model.

That shot below involved some rather gross, deep mud that I sacrificed my shoes for, but thought it was 100% worth it when the series including this image came out of it!

The iconic shotover jet was on it's last run for the day whilst we were shooting, and I was lucky enough to get an image that included it!

Stay tuned for part three, including our adventure to a working sheep farm!

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