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Behind the Business || Wild Woolly Heads

Wild Wooly Heads is run by local artist Dianne Conroy. Di is an incredibly talented needlepoint artist who makes custom needle-felted dogs.

Di herself likes to support local business, using wool only from Australia and New Zealand. Largely sheep, some alpaca and even some real fur from client's own dogs! She works hard to make the perfect shade of fur, and will match markings down to the last spot on a dalmatian! Not only is the wire frame anatomically correct and proportioned to match each pup, but every part on her woolly creations are hand crafted. The noses are all hand moulded from clay, and each glass eye is painted to match the exact hue she needs.

Each piece takes about a week to create, and she doesn't stop until each one is perfect.

She uses a variety of tools and techniques to create the fur- from the curly coats of labradoodles and poodles, to the long haired feathering of spaniels.

What started out as a hobby, soon grew into a passion. She started Wild Woolly Heads to help people who were grieving the loss of their passed dogs. Though has made replicas for those in care home, hospitals or overseas who cant have their dogs with them, for children who have always wanted a dog of their own but aren't able to, for workers to sit on their desks and just those of us who love our dogs so much we want a miniature version of them too!

Her loyal dog, Sunday, a 16 year old Cocker Spaniel x Golden Retriever lays at her feet as she painstakingly creates her clients dogs. She's been by her side through multiple international moves and life changes. Sunday has lived in Singapore, Japan and now back in Australia! She still goes for a daily walk and barks at the postman.


You can find more about her business here! Website Instagram

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