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Spotlight sessions | shore or country
Two Days, two locations! 
Saturday 28th October & Sunday 29th OCTOber - $225 

What do you receive? 
- Your pups turn in the spotlight for a 15 minute session at your choice of shoreside or country location! Of course, humans are always welcome to jump on in too! 
- 5 High Resolution Digital Images with a personal print release 
(and the option to purchase more if you wish) 
- 10% discount on any additional printed artwork
(Dare I say it... Christmas presents anyone?) 

Strictly Limited - ONLY 10 Spotlight sessions available. 

A bit more info 
Sessions will be held on the 28th and 29th October 2023, at two different locations:

DAY One: Shorncliffe Pier 
Sessions at the pier will be held at SUNRISE, between 5:30am and 7am - it's early but it's worth it. Look at that sunlight! 

DAY two: Riverdale park, Meadowbrook. 
Sessions will be held between 6am and 8am. 

Details of the exact time of your session, and where to meet will be sent through as part of your final booking confirmation. 

Sessions will be 15 minutes, and you will receive your final galleries within 2 weeks of the session. 


How many dogs are included?
A maximum 2 dogs per session.
if you have additional dogs, best to get in touch to see what we can do, as we may need two session slots, or your very own signature or itty-bitty session. 

Does my dog need to be off leash? 
No! In fact, due to council laws, all dogs will be on lead and a little bit of editing magic will be done for your final galleries. 

My dog is a bit crazy! 
if you just mean spirited, or a bit extra bouncy, this is fine! 
Your dog doesn't need to be an obedience superstar, or sit and stay and will remain on lead. 

If you have a naughty but nice (reactive) dog, a Signature Session in a quieter location will probably be a better fit for us all. 

My dog is shy
If your dog is very very nervous, your own itty-bitty session may be appropriate as we will have more time to have fun. 


Can we be included in the session?
Definitely! I love nothing more than capturing the love of a life filled with fur, and that generally includes you too! 


How many images do we get from the session?
There are 5 images included in your session fee, though generally a 15 minute session will result in a gallery of 10-15 images. Additional images will be available to purchase should you wish. 

*Note: Final gallery numbers do vary, and there is no guarantee to your final gallery number past 5. If you are wanting a guaranteed number of images, an Itty-Bitty or Signature Session will be more suited to you. 

Have more questions? 
Email me at


NOTE: All dogs are individuals and as such all photos are individual. While I can do my best to recreate any image shown, there are no guarantees of an exact copy as all images are dependant on a variety of factors I have no direct control over. 

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