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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

I am really lucky that throughout my professional career, I have always been surrounded by a tribe of super amazingly talented people who push me to be better. Because of these people, I have always known that there is way too much for me to possibly know, and that there is always something to learn from someone. This leads me into a quote I found somewhere once, and love.

no one knows everything, but together we know a whole lot.

I have no clue who said it, but I like it. This quote just about sums up my recent adventures at Shorncliffe Pier, where I met with two pet photographers Danni and Brooke. You can't beat hanging around with people who share your dream. Mainly it's nice not to be the only person laying on the floor making odd noises while taking a photo of a dog.

We had 5 dogs with us, my crazy 4 and Danni's boy Kai. So it was organised chaos as we wandered around enjoying the sun, sharing tips, ideas and learning new techniques. We aren't going to mention the moment 2 of my dogs decided they were finished with all this model work, and ran into the distance without any glance behind... This is one of the locations I use frequently for my photoshoots. Yet, I have never stayed in this location after sunset simply because I never thought to do so. Thanks to the suggestion of these two ladies, I got to try some new techniques, and know that sometimes its worth staying just a little bit longer. Now that you've made it though the rambling, I will let you be the judge of the results- enjoy!

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