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Musket, Flirt & Archer // Three Dogs...More! fundraising pet photography session in Maleny, QLD.

Roadtrip!! Terri and her dogs swung past my house so we could go on an adventure together. I've known Terri for a few years now- we met at our agility classes.

(Side note: Aren't dogs cool? I've definitely met some pretty awesome people that I never would have if I didn't have dogs.)

Dog hanging his head out of a car window

I was greeted with three wagging tails as I jumped into the car and we were off! We were heading towards Maleny, and were just going to spend the afternoon finding a few places along the way that we could create some magic with her dogs; Musket, Flirt and Archer.

My first goal was to find some pine forests (easily done on the way to the sunshine coast!) to create the first image I had in my head of her crew. I was wanting a gorgeous group shot of the three of them for my One Dog, Two Dogs, Three Dogs...More! project in the middle of some pine tree rows.

Springer spaniel runs towards the camera through a pine forest

It was still early in the day, not a time I would typically shoot, and it was HOT, so her dogs did an amazing job for this one. Especially baby Archer who was just 6 months old!

But I just absolutely love the result.

cocker spaniel in a pine forest
cocker spaniel sitting in a pine forest

We headed to the park behind the main street in Montville. This is an awesome little spot, filled with stone staircases, winding paths and greenery.

Three dogs pose for their photoshoot during a session for One Dog, Two Dogs, Three Dogs...More!

Musket, Flirt and Archer's session was part of my One Dog, Two Dogs, Three Dogs...More project, which you can read about more here. I am looking for some more families of 3+ more pups to take part in my fundraising project, if that's you- get in touch!

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