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Tango, Talli and Nina the kelpies, and their pet photography session!

It's not often that I work with highly trained dogs, most are just the average pup- excited about everything, far from perfectly trained and that's ok! Though it can be a fun change to work with pups like these three! Talli, Tango and Nina are kelpies. These three all compete (and quite well!) in Dancing with Dogs, so they know a lot of commands, tricks and were just so well behaved. It makes multiple dog portraits a lot easier so we had a lot of fun trying a few different combinations. Each one could stay in a different position, which was amazing to work with! We did do some individual portraits, but our main focus for the afternoon was images of the 3 together to replace some older wall art that didn't include all three of the pups.

Their owner wanted something with an 'Australian' feeling, and had brought along one of their dance props- this saddle. Of course I had to use it!

As the light began to fade, we did one more family portrait and called it a day.

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A portion from every Signature Session is donated directly to local animal rescues and international animal aid groups to give animals like my Scrat Cat a second chance at life. Read more about that here.

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