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Tails of Time Bookings Re-opened || COVID-19 response

I’m baaaack! With the restrictions easing as we all continue to flatten the curve, our books are officially re-opened for sessions.

For me and Tails of Time, safety is always the number 1 priority for my clients - human and furry alike. So in an effort to help flatten the curve, all my sessions were put on hold temporarily. Now that travel restrictions, and the limits of outdoor gatherings are easing, I feel comfortable resuming sessions with a few extra safety precautions.

These are: - Continual washing of my hands/ use of hand sanitiser. I will have some in my camera bag if you need some too. - Camera gear will be thoroughly disinfected between clients. - I will endeavour to shoot from afar as much as possible, and may just ask you to step back for some of the closer shots. - For the time being, our in person viewings (one of my favourite parts) will be substituted for online galleries if requested to limit face-to-face contact. - If anyone involved in the session has a sore throat, fever, respiratory or viral symptoms (even mild), or just feels unwell, please get in touch as soon as possible, so we can reschedule to another time. There will be no rescheduling fees at this time. - If you are still uncomfortable and would rather wait longer for your session, but have a gift card that will expire, I will extend the expiry date for you. - Due to the 150km travel limit, our travel sessions are currently on hold. I can't wait to get a few pups back in front of my lens, and I think my own pups will be grateful it's not them!


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