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Behind the Business(es!) | Mind Body & Bowl + Hide 'n Seek

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Rebecca Hamilton owns two small businesses; Mind, Body & Bowl and Hide ’n’ Seek both aimed to deliver your dogs with nose-to-tail health and happiness by delivering services and complementary products, focusing on fulfilling mental, physical, behavioural and nutritional needs. Bec had always worked in retail and hospitality, before spending a few years as a graphic designer. Her passion for animals runs deep, and she has always owned her own little menagerie. In addition to her own pets, she has been fostering both dogs and cats for Pets without Partners for many years now.

The passion for dog training started while she was taking classes with her own dogs, Tallulah and Bailey. She was really enjoying these classes, so started volunteering in dog training to gain some practical experience and to continue learning more. After being made redundant for the third time in 2011, she decided to take the plunge into a career in dog training and behaviour. Today, she is currently in the process of becoming a Certified K9 Nose Work® Instructor, and a Certified Canine Fitness Instructor. “It’s an industry where you are constantly learning, so I have a few more qualifications in my sights,” she explained.

For 6 years, she worked for a busy and well known dog training business. “I learnt so much, and met so many lovely dogs and their humans. I’ve met my best friends and current partner through dog training! Dog people really are awesome people.” Bec has always thought about starting her own business in the animal industry, stating that “I’ve had many ideas and directions in the back of my mind, but after a lot of personal upheaval in recent years I decided to take a chance on myself and take a new direction. Plus, the other perk of working for myself, my days are never exactly the same and I can work with my dog sleeping on my lap, like Tallulah is right now!”

Bec’s passion lies in whole pet wellness and educating people about how to give their pets the best quality of life for as long as possible. “Many people think a healthy dog or cat consists of good food, basic training, exercise and a little play. Each dog or cat is unique and there is more to it than that. Physical, emotional and mental wellness play a big part in behaviour and quality of life, so that’s something I wanted to focus on and help with,” she explained. “I love showing people that implementing enrichment activities really is simple and not time consuming. Everyone, including myself, gets such a kick from seeing how much the dog or cat enjoys it.”

As you would imagine, her two business align themselves directly to her passion for whole pet wellness. Mind Body & Bowl offers enrichment, basic training and fitness classes and hands on workshops for all ages of dogs, from puppy through to senior. Bec plans to change the notion that senior pets can’t benefit from training and can’t learn new things, stating that it simply isn’t true. Mind Body & Bowl also offers private puppy and behaviour consultations, puppy visits and socialisation services to start your dog off on the right paw. Her second business, Hide ’n’ Seek Nosework, offers K9 Nose Work® classes, workshops and consultations. Bec was saying that “the cool thing about nose work is that it’s an activity for ALL dogs; any age, size, breed, those with or without previous training experience. It’s especially helpful for timid, shy or reactive dogs. There are so many dogs out there who are limited to what activities they can do, due to physical or emotional concerns or they have environmental sensitivities, so K9 Nose Work® is a safe space these dogs and their humans can go to have fun and just be a dog. We often see improvements in confidence and behaviour when they engage in nose work or other enrichment activities.”

Bec has some plans bubbling around for the future of her businesses, and is incredibly excited to see where they will go. She would love to expand the wellness and behaviour services that she currently offers, enabling dogs, cats and their humans to easily access products and services from professional and knowledgeable experts. Her aim is to create a passionate community of dog, cat (and animal) loving people. “I’ve seen so many clients develop strong and supportive friendships with each other because of their shared love for their pets, so I think helping to create more of that is a good thing.”

Mind Body & Bowl Instagram | Facebook Hide 'n' Seek Nosework Instagram | Facebook

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