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Commercial Pet Photographer // Pawfect Pals

This is a bit of a throwback post. I met the Pawfect Pals team at Day for Duke in 2019- their stall was right next to mine. They mentioned that they were in need of new imagery for their brands website and social media. I am all for anything that celebrates the bond between dogs and their people, which is what these guys do so well. With amazing cruelty free collars, leads, bows and bandannas for every fashion conscious pup, with matching human accessories! So straight away I started planning an incredible afternoon shoot to really capture their products in all their glory. The have a team of ambassaDOGS, so these were our models for the afternoon. They were wanting a mostly-natural location, though didn't mind a touch of urban style too. Because of this, we decided on New Farm Park. Our shoot day came around and the weather was not looking fabulous- in fact a storm was predicted for the evening. We had a very tight turn around in order to get their images prior to the launch of their new products, so we couldn't postpone the day, instead moving the shoot forwards to hopefully beat the rain.

We had 6 pup models, who were each modelling a variety of products, so while we worked with one, the others would change and get ready for their next moment. It was definitely fast paced, but incredibly fun!

About half way through our shoot, the darkest, and most dramatic clouds I've ever seen began to form on the horizon. It was all fine and dandy for another little while, until boom! The skies opened and it started POURING. It was a mad dash to one of the gazebos to wait out the bulk of the downpour. We still had some products to shoot, and given there was no lightning, we tried to find little pockets of cover to take a few more shots. The dogs were absolute legends about it. I went home absolutely drenched, from laying on a soaked floor and shooting in pouring rain. (My camera had the umbrella priority- not me!) I have never shot in such horrible weather, but I think it was well worth it for some of those dramatic skies! What do you think?

a dog in a rainbow harness and lead during a commercial pet photography session in brisbane


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