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Why New Farm Park is a Great Location for your Brisbane Pet Photography Session

I know it can be hard choosing a location for your pet's photoshoot, so I am going to delve deeper into a few of them for you. I am going to delve into Location #3 from my location guide: New Farm Park. New Farm Park is one of my favourites! Not only is it a central location close to the CBD, but it's bursting with opportunity. It's also where i hold my Itty-Bitty sessions!

There are very few locations around Brisbane that offer such variety in such a small spot. Firstly, we have the powerhouse. Easily the most photographed wall in Brisbane, the Powerhouse is an incredibly popular location for engagement, fashion, family and wedding photography. Naturally, dogs rock it too. The rustic brick wall provides the perfect backdrop with an urban, grungy vibe.

There are spots of graffiti.

And gorgeous benches down by the car park.

The large building itself provides an interesting backdrop.

There are gorgeous jacaranda trees throughout the park with large buttress roots. Creating small points of interest and an interesting backdrop.

Pieces of metal artwork provide a bit of a colour pop.

Rose gardens and flower beds galore. Need I say more? They are beautiful in person and in photos.

Plenty of open space for a bit of a run around!

There's a never ending kaleidoscope of colour that changes depending on the time of year. For example, these flame vines completely covered in flowers, or the classic jacarandas.

August is flame vine season. They are BEAUTIFUL.

Late october is 'generally' jacaranda season, though this can vary.

Not a purple fan? How about the bright red poinciana trees?

As you can see, there is no shortage of variety at New Farm Park!

So now you're thinking it could be a great place for a photoshoot of your own? Learn more about our session types!

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