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The best location for your pet photography session when you have an active dog

Your dog is a living pogo-stick, and you know that if you could harness their energy you'd be able to power a small town or sell it as an energy drink and make a fortune. Unfortunately, it can't be done. You were thrilled to find out that dogs don't need to be well behaved for their photoshoot, not because your dog is bad, but just because they don't know how to sit still for more than a nano-second. So, where can we go with a dog like that? The answer, anywhere. BUT my favourite place, is somewhere they can really RUN, and be themselves. We can keep them on a long line if we need, but when your dog is a high-energy pup, we need to capture that! So, my top recommendations: Red Beach, Bribie Island. An endless expanse of space to let your pup stretch their legs for their action shots. There are also plenty of areas for portraits in the grassy dunes, and among the driftwood teepees. Plus, there's a nearby spot PERFECT for silhouettes.

Pizzey Park. The majority of the area I typically shoot in is a dog off-leash area, so there is plenty of room for action shots. The trees are always stunning, and there is a lake too! Can't get much more diversity in one spot.

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Another dog off leash area for a long run before we head into the on-leash zone for some more portraits on the tree lined paths.

Inner City Country This location involves a 30min walk to get to the forest area, where there is a wide open field for pups to really stretch their legs.

So, which one are you going to pick? Contact me to get started with your booking

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