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Brisbane's Best Places to take your Dog Swimming!

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

It's summertime! My favourite time of the year, and though my crazy dogs will swim in the dead of winter, it really is much more enjoyable when it's warm. So, I'm sharing our favourite swimming holes in the Brisbane and wider Gold Coast and Sunshine coast regions! Unfortunately for us Brisbanites, most of the best ones are up or down the coast.

1. Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Head past the playground and look left, you'll come to the dog off-leash area- a lovely wide open field with a little inlet. There's a small stretch of sand for some digging, and plenty of water for cooling down!

This isn't the bit for swimming, just one of the little ponds they have whilst walking around the gardens.

2. Pizzey Park One of my favourite shoot locations- nestled among the pine forest is a beautiful big and flat lake that dogs are welcome to swim in.They also have a small fenced off leash area, though the surrounding area is also a dog off leash area.

Mollie the labradoodle runs through the water at Pizzey park during her gold coast pet photography session.
Mollie making a splash at Pizzey park!

3. The Spit

A fabulous beach on the gold coast that i know many dogs are very fond of! A lesser known fact is that dogs are welcome not only on the surf side of the beach, but also in the large protected cove on the Broadwater on the opposite side. The water is flat here, allowing smaller, or less confident dogs the ability to truly paddle. Any point past Muriel Henchman Avenue is a designated dog off leash area.

German shepherd running on a gold coast dog friendly beach
Duke enjoying the Spit - surfside

4. Daisy Hill Quarry My dogs love this spot- it's right in the middle of one of our favourite bush-walking spots. It is a 30 min walk to the quarry and back, but worth checking out. If you go, I would recommend early morning or late afternoon- simply because there is very little shade on parts of the trail, and almost none at the quarry itself. Also note, it is an on-leash area. Park in the car park at the corner of Ford and Avalon Rd, and follow the signs to the Quarry! *Take a water bottle for you and the pup too!

A dog shakes water off after swiming in Daisy Hill Quarry a brisbane pet friendly dog swimming area
Harley cooling down in Daisy Hill Quarry.

5. Kedron brook This is our favourite 'local' spot. It can get busy though, so if your dog is easily overwhelmed by other dogs, head there on off-peak times. It's another that can be lacking shade, so make sure you slip, slop & slap!

Sunny the labrador at brisbane dog friendly swimming place kedron brook
Sunny fetching her favourite ball at Kedron

6. Bunya Crossing Reserve This is one that I've kept up my sleeve- it generally doesn't have many other dogs, but is popular for families picnic-ing. It is on lead only, but the water is so lovely it's worth a visit.

Brisbane pet photographer taking a photo of a dog in bunya crossing reserve
Perfect fresh water! Please note: dogs must be on lead, and a long line was photoshopped out of this.

7. Nudgee Beach

Check the tide before going, as the beach is non-existent at high tide. Not the nicest 'beach'- as in the sand isn't white and the water isn't bright blue, but the dogs still love it! Plus it's not far from Brisbane!

Brisbane pet photographer at nudgee beach
Opal enjoying Nudgee Beach

8. Shorncliffe Pier Like bunya crossing, dogs must be on lead.The path along the water connecting shorncliffe with sandgate is an excellent walk- Lovers Walk*- I normally walk a bit of a loop along it, letting the dogs swim before and after! *Fun fact: the walk was originally called Dover's walk after a Sandgate Town Council Engineer, when someone jokingly changed the sign. In 1910, the 'new' name was accidentally printed by an English company who produced postcards featuring scenes in Brisbane! The name has stuck ever since.

Dog on shorncliffe pier during brisbane pet photo session
Missy's leash and collar were photoshopped out- please keep your pups on lead!

9. Red Beach- Bribie Island Recent changes mean the on-leash area extends further than it did previously, but there is still PLENTY of off leash area to explore. I personally love this one as it's usually quiet, and the sunsets are always stunning!

Unless it's windy, there are very few waves at Red Beach- perfect for fetch out deeper!

10. Coolum beach I love this beach- its got pristine sand and beautiful blue water along the beach, but also dogs that are less confident with waves can head into the mouth of Stumers creek and swim where it's flat.

11. Colleges Crossing Reserve This is where I often head when kayaking with the pups. It gets busy on the weekends, but there's usually enough room to find a spot along the bank to sit and relax. It is a dog on-leash area and there are a few native birds who call the area home, so stick your pups on a longline while they enjoy the water. *There's a sign by the riverbank noting that sharks can be present in the area, so enter at your own risk, that being said if you stick to the shallows and busier spots you should be fine.

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