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How to choose a location for your Pet Photography Session

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Choosing a location is one of the fun parts about your session! It's definitely not one to take lightly, as the location of our session will highly impact the end gallery. Obviously images taken at a beach will be different to those in a park in terms of colour tones, and to a small degree, even what it is we can do. So, consider what it is you love, what your dog loves and even the colour scheme of your home. What kind of afternoon will not only be AMAZING, but will also produce images that match your decor?

I have a location guide that I share with all of my clients when that time comes, but for a bit of a broader view just to get the mind working I thought I would show you a few examples of various locations and their effects on the final image. Firstly, Beaches! Sand dunes, grasses, soft light, waves! Images will have lots of white and blue tones throughout, but will still be warm and sunny. Generally, I would describe beach shoots as 'bright and airy' though weather conditions can change this. Depending on the beach you pick, we can usually manage some pretty great sunset shots too.

Parks Usually a bit brighter. I love to use sunshine and foliage when shooting in a park environment to give you lots of vibrant yellows, greens and if we can find flowers, plenty of brighter colours too!

Urban Urban shots provide lots of textures. Typically in warm, earthy tones- though a pop of graffiti can change that quickly!

Your Home

What better way to match your home than to shoot in it? Though, if possible I do usually recommend we go further afield, this isn't always an option. This works best at homes with plenty of natural light, or landscaped gardens.

So, where do you want to go?

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