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Commercial Dog Photography for Leave It // Indoor and Outdoor Dog photography

In 2017, I was approached by Social Marketing @ Griffith who are working with Redland City Council on a campaign: Leave It. Leave It is a program that encourages dog owners in the Redlands area to train their dog, and let them sleep indoors at night in an effort to reduce the attacks on koalas in the region. Their imagery centers around the daily life of people with pets. They needed a variety of different dogs in varying sizes, colours and levels of training. Our first of three shoots was at a home in Redlands that they sourced. We had 4 canine models for the day, Tilly, Armani, Buddy and Kokoda. Their tasks were to just be dogs! The second was using some of the dogs belonging to their partner trainers in some local bushland. These dogs were to be well trained and exhibiting ideal behaviour. The third shoot was dedicated wholly to capturing images of the dogs walking on lead in whatever way they do usually- be it pulling or walking at a nice heel. However rather than models or trained dogs, this was to be done using the dogs in care at the Redlands Shelter at their grounds. These images have been used on their website, social media and print advertising - including on bus shelters!

We have just recently worked together again to capture stills of the dog who will be appearing in their TV commercial, though I'm not going to share these ones until the relaunch of their campaign! Can't ruin any surprises!

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