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Junior's Session in his favourite Park!

I met Junior and his people late last year at one of their local parks. Unfortunately he had just been diagnosed with an incurable heart condition, and his life expectancy is unknown, so they really wanted to capture some photos of their brave boy. Having gone through the same with Kokoda, I knew EXACTLY how they were feeling: shocked, scared and wanting to make whatever time it was they had left with him ABSOLUTELY incredible. Junior himself has no clue about his diagnosis, and was more than happy to enjoy the sunshine with his people and do a few zoomie laps! He is SO loved, and I don’t think anyone can look at these images and think otherwise.

A happy doberman smiles at the camera
a doberman runs joyfully through the park

a couple and their dog in a sunlit park
A couple kiss their dog
a dog runs through a park as its owners watch happily
A man and his dog enjoy one another's company
a couple and their dog in a sunlit park
A doberman poses in front of a majestic sunset


Here’s what Junior’s owner had to say about her Tails of Time experience. You’ve heard of the horse whisperer... well I swear Gabby is the dog whisperer! She was bubbly and down to earth and put not only our dog Junior at ease but the two of us as well. This ability meant our photos look natural and we could be ourselves. My reaction upon seeing the edited photos? I burst into tears...they were just perfect! I can’t recommend Gabby highly enough and look forward to another shoot hopefully this year. If you want more info on our sessions, you can find that here.

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