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Zali + Asti

Both Zali and Asti are Smooth-coated Griffon Bruxellois (also known as Brussels Griffons) which is not a breed you see very often! So I was thrilled to have them both in front of my camera.

Despite being the same breed, they have quite different personalities. Asti outgoing and exploring everything, Zali simply following along with us, no desire to leave her people. We met at one of my favourite locations - Old Petrie Town - and we had the perfect weather for it. We started our session at the railway.

Then moved along to the sheds for some portraits of each dog.

As we were walking along Zali stopped along the path, making the perfect portrait!

We let the dogs have a bit of a break and watched them enjoy a run around. Followed by a few more portraits as we ended the day.

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