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Pets and Their People // Brisbane Pet Photographer

The two questions I always get are:

Can we be in the photos too? and Do we have to be in the photos? Polar opposites! but very important questions.

The respective answers, yes and no. I love capturing pets and their people- the love! That's what a life filled with fur is all about. In saying that, you do not have to be in any photos if you don't want to. I usually encourage people to be in at least one or two- you never know, you may like them in the end. We can get a few posed shots:

family portrait taken at shorncliffe pier

portrait taken at home with a border collie and shetland sheepdog

family portrait with dogs at new farm park

great dane and his owner at gabbinbar homestead

A few candid moments:

a black dog walks along the beach at shorncliffe pier with her owner

border collie and her owner during a new farm park pet photography session

two greyhounds and their owner among the autumn leaves in queens park

and there are even a few ways we can include you in the image without you being the main focus of the image, or being entirely visible:

dachshund looking adoringly at his owner during a maleny pet photography session

Spoodle pet photography session at new farm park

silhouette of family and their dog at bribie island pet photography session

So if your fear about being in photos is holding you back- don't let it! Get in touch today and we can chat about how you'd like your images.

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