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The Smiling Samoyed Siblings!

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

These 3 puffballs were another of my model calls- in the category of FLUFFY. I think they nailed that! I may have said “Oh my gosh” about 1000 times, almost no exaggeration, during their session. And another 100 as I rushed home and started uploading their photos. As they started walking towards me, I was as happy as could be. It is quite a sight to see- imagine 3 giant clouds happily bounding along with wagging tails and endless love to give. I could have wrapped my arms around their necks and stayed buried in their fluff forever.

Alas, I did have to get to work. They made my job easy because they are so good looking, and I had my trusty assistant with me to help us all keep the 3 of them engaged. Believe it or not, she’s in this picture!

We explored Old Petrie Town, a haven for photographers with a bit of everything. Building, greenery, old relics and the light is just stunning. I suppose i should introduce these stunners: First up we have Oreo, he was the baby of the bunch at just 7 months old. Endlessly enthusiastic, a bit talkative and loved to tell us what he thought about being left out if we worked with his siblings instead of him.

Ice, like his name he was cool, calm and collected. Posing like a pro, didnt make a peep and was darn right handsome! Of course, he was the big brother and had to show his siblings how its done.

And lastly, the lady of the bunch miss Cream. The perfect mix of the two- enthusiastic yet reserved at times. Always ready to pose. Knows she looks good and how to work a camera.

I hope you all enjoyed their photos as much as I did taking them!

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