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Organised Chaos! The Border Collies | Gold Coast Pet Photography

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Ok, so you all know how hard it can be to get your dog to sit and look at a camera, right? Now imagine the challenge with 2 dogs. Its twice as hard.

Three dogs?

Four dogs? I have a bit of practice with that one thanks to my own crew of dogs.

But 5! That is something I have done very little of.

You'd think that would be 5 times as hard as taking photos of one dog. Usually you'd be correct. If not even harder than that. But not in this case! These guys were the dream team. Moose, Mia, Sebbie, Runkle and Karnage. These guys are all sports dogs- competing in agility and canine disc, and were very well behaved and easy to work with. If for a bit of whinging before his swim (yes Moose, I'm looking at you!)

We started off with some portraits in a magical little forest. Followed by some of their favourite games- Frisbee and fetch.

And lastly- the bit they were all waiting for (especially Moose!) a SWIM! As the sun set over the lake they ran, fetched swam and herded each other around.

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