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Amos the beach babe | Bribie Island

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

When your canine model brings along 3 outfit changes, you know you are in for a treat! Narrowing down the images to share for this one was a tough job. Amos is one of our handsome models in our 2018 calendar. After an initial rescheduling due to someone being a bit naughty right before our shoot - Yes, you Amos, we are all looking at you- we had the most perfect afternoon! Amos is a rescue dog, a beagle x catahoula. The catahoula is the source of his awesome spotty nose! Amos was rescued from an unsafe situation, but not to worry, he now lives a life of total luxury and devotion.

He is quite an active fellow, so we thought it may be best if we let him run off some of his pent up energy before getting down to the posed shots. I let Amos do his thing, snapping shots of his beach bod as he ran, jumped and swam. He was quite the avid fetcher, jumping waves to get to his toys.

Our session was crashed by some jealous canines on two seperate occasions - Meet Rico and Cheeky! Who each wanted a turn playing with Amos!

As the afternoon went on, and the sun drew nearer to the horizon, we headed up into the dunes for some portrait shots.

Just as the light was beginning to disappear over the horizon and we packed up our things, Mel and Amos indulged me for just 1 more shot! That "just one last shot" may have turned into 3... but I think they were each worth it. You be the judge!

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