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Baci + Bare | Pet Photography Session Brisbane

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Baci and Bare are both very special dogs. They have quite a background story. It is one of rehabilitation which has taken close to nine years and will continue as long as Baci lives. At the tender age of two Baci was attacked by two off lead dogs and even after her wounds recovered, her mental scars took much longer. She would scream and become totally uncontrollable when she simply saw another dog. It has taken numerous behaviourists, working with a non reactive Greyhound and the extremely planned arrival of Bare to get her to this point. But her owner believes that a dog is for life and even the most difficult cases are worth it.

I definitely agree there!

Fast forward to today, and you would not have any idea of this if you didn't know their backstory. They were both extremely happy during the entire session, just taking in the sights, the smells and ignoring the few dogs who happened to pass by.

These two definitely made my job easy! Bare was a show dog, prior to moving in with his new family, and boy could you tell! He was eye-catching, 110% handsome and moved so gracefully.

While miss Baci, who her owner referred to as the Helen Mirren of dogs, didn't let him outshine her. Look at that smile!

Want to see more of this duo? You're in luck! They will be appearing in our 2018 Charity Calendar- available for purchase now by clicking here!

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