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Ted's Time to Shine! | A Brisbane Pet Photography Session

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Haaave you met Ted? Theodore, more commonly known as Ted, a cavoodle with his very own Instagram account (@ted_toycavoodle for those interested) had his shoot back in March. (I know, I know! Im very slack.) We didn't have very much luck with the weather, and our first session was cancelled due to rain. It came time for next scheduled session. Lo and behold- raining again. What is with this weather Brisbane?! So I went down early to see if it would pass and be sunny enough for us. I was just about to pull the pin because whilst it was no longer raining, it was cloudy, a bit depressing and less than ideal for a photoshoot, when I saw Ashley and Ted in the dog park. They too had come down early. Because we were both there, we decided to have a bit of fun, see how we went and would just reschedule if we didn't manage to get anything. We managed to avoid any rain, and the sun did peak out from behind the clouds just enough to give us some useable light. I think Ted is handsome enough that he could make anything work though. Pretty much a real life teddy bear.

Ted LOVED to play, especially fetch with his squeaky ball. Ted’s owner Ashley joked that he was at least pretty, even if he wasn’t the best at catching the ball.

During our shoot Ted proved that he was certainly more than just a pretty face. He was such a well behaved boy, very athletic, loved my bag of fun and all the new toys in it, as well as being the perfect fluffy model and willing to pose in weird places for me. I had such a fun afternoon with you both Ashley and Ted!

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