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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I was extremely excited for Shade's photoshoot- as I knew it would be lots of fun. She is a therapy dog with Delta Therapy Dogs, and her owner Berni really wanted a picture of her in her 'uniform.' Telling me that because her best friend is a black Labrador, the photos she often takes just end up as dark blurs or silhouettes.

Shade was perfectly behaved whilst wearing her uniform. Performing her repertoire of tricks, waiting patiently (and getting paid in treats- you've always got to pay the models!) and doing just as she was told.

Then the uniform came off, and a turkey happened to wander into the tree next to us. That good girl had a new job- turkey patrol officer. Luckily with a bit of turkey removal, and some bribery on our side we had our willing model back. Mostly. This glamorous look into the distance? I'll give you one guess as to what she was actually looking at!

We then finished off on the pier itself, where Shade amassed quite few fans. I have never had a session be interrupted so many times by people wanting a pat- but something about Shade just oozes love and it's hard to resist those eyes.



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