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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Shanelle visited me at the Brisbane Dog Lovers Show and invested in a shoot for herself and her boy Winston. She promised that Winnie was extremely adorable and incredibly photogenic. She certainly was not wrong!

Winnie was a pro. I don't think this dog knows how to take a bad photo.

spoodle at new farm park

Being so easy going, we were able to take full advantage of New Farm Park. Stopping first at the powerhouse, then to the gardens and flowerbeds, the grassy field, the rivers edge and then back up to the powerhouse.

spoodle at new farm park

spoodle at the Brisbane Powerhouse

Winnie was quite a fan of my squeaky toy collection, so he was very happy to work for me- so long as he got to play as well. Something easily managed!

spoodle at New farm park in the gardens

I absolutely love it when owners are willing to appear in the photos with their pets. You can never have too many photos of yourselves together!

spoodle at the Brisbane Powerhouse

spoodle at the Brisbane Powerhouse

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