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Birthday parties!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

February in my household means the birthdays of 2 of my dogs. As many modern day pet owners do, (and despite the fact they have no concept of this what-so-ever) we celebrated!

15th February Deniki! My Speedy Gonzales turned 5.

So, we packed the dogs into the car, and enjoyed a day on the beach! We had a lunchtime picnic of fish and chips and some chicken nuggets just for him.

I did not take my camera along, so no pictures to share, but it was a wonderful day!

26th February Kokoda! Don't let his greying face fool you, he turned 7. It was a Monday, and I had work to do, so unfortunately no beach trip for Kokoda. BUT we did go for a nice walk and a swim in the creek.

I also tested out my culinary skills creating a dog cake masterpiece. My dogs are all raw fed, and most dog cakes are baked and full of flour and high sugar fruits- which then means Henry becomes an itchy mess the days following. So, I put my thinking cap on and made a (slightly gross looking) raw-fed-dog friendly cake!

They approved.

Raw cake - Water, low sodium stock or bone broth. I used about a cup in the end. - Your chosen meat diced (we used a chunky kangaroo mince- beef or chicken would work well) - Pure gelatin powder from pasture-raised animals (I recommend checking out a health food store) Using a food processor, blend the meat and just enough liquid until it is smooth. Whilst it is blending, add three tablespoons of gelatine

Pour into your mould and refrigerate for an hour! Decorations I lined the bowl with chicken necks prior to pouring the main mix. It was then topped with ricotta cheese and some dried treats.

The sky is your limit with decorations!

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