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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I met Spooky and his humans, Nikki and Michael on a sunny Tuesday afternoon down at Shorncliffe Pier. As I arrived I was greeted by the smell of the ocean and the taste of salt on the air. The wind whipped my hair around my face. It was windy, but if you could ignore that, it was otherwise a perfect day! The sky was blue with just the right amount of wispy white clouds brushed across it. I was hoping it was the makings of a stunningly colourful sunset.

Spooky’s owner wanted some photos to become artwork on their wall- some of him alone, and a few family shots as well. So that is what we set out to achieve, while letting Spooky enjoy his afternoon and explore a new place. After all, it was his first ever time at the beach!

After letting Spooky get to know me, and having him reject all types of treats I brought along, we started our session walking along the rocky headland path, away from the hustle and bustle of the main pier and playground area. Thankfully Spooky was quite happy to work for me without any treats!

It was at this point that I discovered he had an epic talent. HEAD TILTING! I mean, have you ever seen a dog tilt his head this far around? I have met a fair few talented head tilters in my time, but I think Spooky takes the cake.

We then moved back to the beach, making sure Spooky got plenty of breaks from his modelling duties. Here we put him onto a long line and let him have some freedom! Catching some dogumentary style shots of Spooky exploring a beach for the first ever time.

He was not so sure about the waves, but racing around on the sand was definitely his style. At one point he even entered hyperspeed!

Despite being very fluffy, Spooky has a seemingly magic talent of drying VERY quickly. So in no time we were for some more shots up on the pier itself. As predicted, the sunset was excellent with shades of lilac, pink and orange lighting up the sky. The perfect way to end a perfect session!

Tails of Time is dedicated to capturing all of the love, sunshine and adventure of a life filled with fur. For your own session, head here to book.

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