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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

The Wholefood Pet Market, located in Miami, Gold Coast caters to those wishing to feed their pets a wholesome diet. Owned by Janine Soryal The Wholesale Pet Market has been supplying a full range of raw diets for pets, pet supplies; including grooming supplies, bedding, leads and toys as well as a bring-your-own-jar self serve treat bar. All products are 100% natural and of the highest quality.

Janine has always had a strong passion for animals. Previously working in boarding kennels, as a dog trainer and scent detection dog handler. After spending 8 years without a dog of her own she saw a picture of Gus, a cattle dog cross, on social media looking for his new home. He was due to be put to sleep the next day. She claimed it was love at first sight, and she drove up to the Sunshine Coast to meet him. Lets just say there was no way she was leaving without Gus.

She wanted the healthiest options for her new best friend and wasn’t happy with the poor ingredients in commercially available dry dog foods. So, she made her own. He was eating a home-cooked diet of meat, rice and vegetables, though Janine knew this still wasn’t quite right. It was at this point that someone mentioned raw feeding to Janine, and something clicked. She knew this was the right answer. Janine has always approached dogs from a total health and wellbeing standpoint, and said diet plays a huge role in the total health and happiness of a dog. So she started stocking the food Gus ate through her dog training business and would recommend it to all of her clients. It was at this point in her business that Janine realised selling raw food and educating owners was where her true passion lay.

​She said, “you never know whats around the corner, you have to do what you believe in at the time.” From November 2017 Janine followed her heart and set out to follow her passion. It was then The Wholefood Pet Market was born. Janine laughed and said that while it’s a terrible thing from a business standpoint, she has no KPI’s and refuses to push people towards products. Her main focus is having a shop that is welcoming, friendly and informative. She has a strong desire to educate and inform, and she hopes that people learn at least one new thing by visiting her shop.

The Wholefood Pet Market wishes to collaborate with other likeminded businesses to become a one stop knowledge base for people with pets, while continuing to source local products to support other small businesses. She is currently trying to expand on the range of products for cats, however items that meet the high standards of Janine are proving hard to come by! Additionally, she hopes to offer small scent detection classes for dogs, turning the Wholefood Pet Market into a safe place to learn more about the everyday dogs untapped abilities.

Wholefood Pet Market

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