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Matilda and Lucy in Toowoomba

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Its no secret that I am quite partial to the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, living with 4 of them myself, so I was thrilled when Angela booked a session for her girls- Matilda and Lucy. I was even more thrilled when she suggested Toowoomba as a location. I suggested Queens Park Gardens and from there it was set! Matilda and Lucy rolled up in style. While they do love a walk, they both suffer from heart conditions, so too much walking becomes quite difficult for them. Not to be left out of adventures, their loving mum bought a stroller just for them.

We started off down the path towards some of the deciduous trees with their gorgeously yellowing trees. Living in Brisbane we lack any autumn colour change, so I was going to make use of whatever colour I could get while I was there! Matilda had no cares in the world. However, for the first half of the session Lucy was a little bit unsure of me. I never want a photography session to leave the dogs with anything but happiness, so I left her to watch me as I worked with Matilda. Even with treats and gentle pats, she was unsure of me when her time came around. So instead of forcing her into anything she was uncomfortable with, I simply used my longer zoom lenses to give her some space.

About half way through the session Lucy started to gain confidence and warm up to me.

With lots of treats and praise, she was very happy for me to start working up close. This was perfect timing, because Angela had brought along some ribbons for the girls and I really wanted a picture of them amongst the (almost perfectly matching) flowers.

Towards the end of the session I spotted some more colour- proper red autumn leaves! There was no way I was leaving without a shot in front of those and we had just enough light to make it work. Could these two get any cuter?

Check out some of their artwork!

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