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Greta and Wilson

Greta and Wilson are a dachshund duo with plenty of charm!

Wilson is actually Greta's son, which I thought was rather cool. The other thing I loved: their outfit changes! Anytime a dog comes to a photoshoot with outfit changes (looking at you and your collar collection Amos!), it's going to be fun! These two are more fashionable than I am.

The location Ainslie chose for her session- Old Petrie Town- is one of my favourites. It's an eclectic variety of mini-locations all within one place; the old petrie railway, Queenslander style houses, old sheds and wooden fences, the Fig Tree Grove, and fields of grass.

Between the location and dress changes, I got a huge variety of different looks, which was incredibly fun to edit, and made choosing a favourite incredibly hard! We started off by the old railway. Taking advantage of the sunshine behind the tracks, and the quirky little rail cars around the area.

Look at their synchronised tongue poking!

And of course, can't go past those little wrinkled legs!

We came across some sheds, which make the perfect backdrops for some fashion shots.

Shortly after, we moved to the Fig Tree Grove. These trees have huge buttress roots, dwarfing the dogs, so we opted for some shots further from them, using them as a backdrop.

We finished off the afternoon with some off leash time before their trip home!

Ainslie was incredibly smart and purchased our Deluxe Storybook album. So now every image from her session has been printed and there's no need to choose a favourite! The pups are also the stars of a three piece canvas wall art display.

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