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Hannah and Chloe in Toowoomba

I had to rush a session for Mel's girls Chloe and Hannah, because poor Chloe was about to go into the vet for possible osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I got the best news ever about a week later- that it was a misdiagnosis! After some further testing, her results came back negative for cancer. Something I wish was the case for every pet. Given it was a last minute session, we started later in the afternoon than I typically do. Not wanting to run out of sunshine, I cheated a little bit. I was there just a week or so earlier with Matilda and Lucy - so I used many of the same little spots. Interestingly, despite the same locations, the images turned out quite different between the sessions, as the dogs bring their own personalities to it.

Hannah was very much the model, happy to pose for me. Chloe on the other hand was a little less interested in my tactics. At one point we resorted to throwing leaves, and I was still finding them in my hair hours later!

Jack, the old family dog came along for the ride, and of course he had to have a few photos too. He pretty much stole the show with his catwalk efforts!

We were extremely lucky with the weather. A little chilly, but sunny and clear. By now, the leaves had turned even deeper shades of red, orange and purple- the perfect backdrop and a feature of many of the photos.

Mel chose a gorgeous cluster of canvases for her home, along with an album and some smaller prints. How gorgeous does this look?


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