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Zoe, Rosie and Nitro!

Vicky organised a session much earlier in the year to capture some images of her dogs Zoe, Rosie and Nitro. She wanted to get some nice photos taken now that Zoe is getting on in years. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule her session after Zoe had some health concerns. She ended up needing her spleen removed, but is now fitter and healthier than ever!

She was shaved extensively for her surgery, so whilst healthy, wasn’t exactly picture ready. We chose to wait for her hair to grow back and a few months later we were ready to go! The three dogs managed the 30 minute walk to the secret forest with ease. Zoe easily keeping up with the young ones! We started off with something easy for the dogs. Just some playtime and fun action shots.

With some treats they were very happy to do some modelling for me.

Though I ended up with quite a few shots of nosey Nitro’s nose!

It almost couldn't get any better. Beautiful dogs, a beautiful location and the perfect afternoon. But it did! We ended the day with my favourite thing- silhouettes! Not ones for a boring family portrait- these guys nailed it.

They chose my favourite image from the session as a 30” acrylic wall art and I am so glad they did. I fell in love with this image as soon as I began editing it. Their personalities are just so accurate! And their choice of medium compliments it perfectly with its bright, crisp colours.

Photos just do not do it justice. It is absolutely incredible!

Here's what Vicky had to say about her session:


I can't believe what an awesome job Gabby did interacting with the dogs. Zoe never looks good in photos and my biggest fear was that she would look depressed (with her head and ears down). I can't say enough and words can't describe how awesomely amazing the photos.

Zoe's photos looked amazing! She was happy and bubbly and that's exactly what I wanted captured.

Do you have a wall that needs something as stunning as their wall art? Get in touch and let's see what we can create!

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