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Part Two: the snow!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

This is part two of our blog, to read part one click here!

After spending the night in Holbrook, we walked down the street and had breakfast at the Bakery before heading off. It was our first BIG frost. Requiring a layer of ice to be scraped off the car windscreen before heading on our way.

We stopped for morning tea in Albury and then for lunch in Beechworth. Another little historic town that is well worth a look. Especially their bakery! We had to make another stop in Bright for groceries as there is only a convenience store in Dinner Plain itself, and a last brief stop in Harrietville for snow chains and a quick, frosty walk along the river. This was followed by a picturesque but windy road up to Dinner Plain. If you are ever planning to come, I would definitely make sure you have plenty of daylight for the drive up the mountain, especially if it’s potentially icy. We were incredibly lucky, and didn't need the snow chains up OR down the mountain, only needing them on the middle days driving around Dinner Plain itself.

We arrived to a wonderful sunset, and took the dogs for a walk and their first experience of the snow! It didn’t take them long at all to start loving it, after some initial confusion and struggles to actually walk in it. We spent four days here. It involved lots of frolicking, twice daily snow walks, some tobogganing and a ski day for the humans. Because it was fresh snow, it was hard work for the dogs! They’d sink in the whole length of their legs, so much of their exploration was bounding through it. One thing I never knew existed, and my international followers will definitely laugh, were the snowballs their coats gather.

So every walk resulted in rather large snowballs by the end, which we then showered off upon returning, before sitting in front of the fire to dry again. I now know why dog jumpsuits exist. Watching the dogs learn new things about the snow was amazing. They discovered it was diggable on day 2, and edible on day three!

Two cavalier king charles spaniels at Dinner Plain
Can you spot the second dog?

After 4 magical, snow filled days we sadly had to start the journey back.

This included another stop in Goulburn to see the big merino.

What else do you tack onto the end of a snow trip than a few days at the beach?

Rocky Beach- a dog friendly local beach at Port Macquarie, though hard to find, was perfect. We walked past the access path 3 times (it is seriously well hidden!)

And of course we had to stop for lunch at one of our favourite places- Lennox Head! And then home!

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