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Summer bucket list- a recap!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Back in December, I set myself the fun little challenge of a summer bucket list! This was just ever so slightly challenging given I was away for close to a month of summer, and the start is the crazy lead up to Christmas. So, that meant we had to make an effort to go on micro-adventures throughout each week! 1. Visit a beach This one was easy! We headed to one of our favourites, 7 Mile Beach at Lennox Head, when we also completed number 4 of our bucket list.

2. Go on a Bushwalk We actually did this one Christmas morning. I know, I'm crazy. I really love walking at weird times, because the only other people out are true crazy dog people! We walked the loop at the Whites Hill Recreation Reserve, and were even treated to a koala spotting! Though (naturally) I didn’t have my 'big' camera with me. Still managed a phone shot though.

3. Try a new dog friendly cafe

We didn't manage to try somewhere new, and stuck to our previous cafe haunts instead. I do have some cafes high on my list to try though. I've always wanted to try Frenchies cafe in Wynnum, and Destination cafe. Destination Cafe is right across from the fabulous Pawfect Health and Wellness centre and i've been told they are incredible accomodating with dogs. They bring out a little rug, fresh water and their very own treat.

4. Road Trip for a weekend away We went on a weekend away over the Australia day long weekend to Lennox Head- one of our favourite places. The dogs have oodles of space to run on the Northern end of 7 mile beach.

5. Swim in 3 new places We managed to swim in three new places! One was with our friend Danni at Saltwater Park in One was the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens and one was at Colleges Crossing reserve in Ipswich. We also spent an afternoon in Nerang and visited the little dog park, Kahmholtz dog park.The off lead park is quite small, but they have a wonderful walking trail through a large park if you leave your dog on-lead. There is also a creek that runs along the length of it, so the pups had a dip there!

6. Learn a new trick

We have been busy at our weekly classes! On Thursday nights the sniffers- Kokoda and Deniki have been taking part in k9 Nosework training. They are not able to find birch oil in various indoor and outdoor locations and i am so proud of them! I love watching them use their noses and problem solve. On Tuesdays, young Harley gets his night out doing agility. He is now in the elementary class and is doing really well. Henry is still an expert napper, and is more than happy with a little walk and some food puzzles.

None of those are tricks per se, but I think they still count.

7. Meet a new friend

We met too many new friends, of both dog and human varieties, to count!

8. Get a puppacino We got a puppacino from the Little Black Pug. Even if your dog isn't too keen on the cafe scene, i recommend paying them a visit for some food of your own. Everything I've ever tried has been divine!

9. Visit the drive in cinema Did you know the Yatala drive in cinema lets you bring your pups? So long as they are on lead (and not likely to bark the house down during the film) they can come enjoy some evening movie viewing.

This was the plan. I had even cleaned my car and flattened the back seats in preparation.

Alas, the world had other plans and it rained! Between that rainy evening, shoots and viewing sessions, I didn't manage to complete this one, but definitely plan to do so!

10. Go on a boat One of the places the pups swam doubled as our boat date. Our boat in this case, was a kayak. I did have grand plans to head over to Straddie, however a few weekend shoots and a cavalier playdate changed that plan. Instead we spent two wonderful, mist-filled mornings, exploring the river at Colleges Crossing in Ipswich. Our first expedition was Deniki and Kokoda, while Kokoda and Harley joined me for the second. Henry is a very fair-weather hound, so he likely wouldn't be a fan of such an adventure.

11. Visit a pet store and choose a new toy Harley and Henry were the lucky boys for this adventure. Kokoda couldn't care less about toys, and Deniki likes only one specific thing - the chuckit glow ball. This is not a sponsored post, he just loves those damn things! Once I bought him one of them, every other toy was snubbed. Harley and Henry had a wonderful adventure. Henry found a kong wobbler and immediately got to work, while Harley perused the soft toy rack. Finally choosing a stuffed, dead looking, rabbit.

12. Eat an ice-cream We did this one afternoon over the long weekend at the Lennox gelato shop. If you are ever there, you have to try it. I went with pavlova flavoured gelato, and it was incredible. The boys shared a scoop of vanilla.

We also had a second ice-cream date at NomNoms Gelato on Oxford Street, Bulimba, and the pups had some Hugo's at our playdate!

13. Organise a Puppy play date I am cheating with this one, because I didn't organise it, but we went to the monthly Brisbane cavalier meet up! My boys can be incredibly 'breedist' and don't often associate with dogs that don't look like spaniels... I'm not sure what it is! But we had a great afternoon filled with a heap of wagging tails and some Hugo's Ice-creamery.

14. Go on a picnic I have always loved picnics! Though I must admit I haven't broken out the picnic basket for a LONG time. It's a little sad to say that I didn't manage to do that. Though, we did have a little mini picnic (albeit picnic basket-less) at The Farm in Byron Bay.

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