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Sophie at Shorncliffe Pier

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

It was third time lucky for Sophie’s session at Shorncliffe pier after not one, but two reschedules thanks to the rain at the later half of last year. We lucked the perfect afternoon in the end! Her mum, Wendy, visited me at the Old Petrie Town pet expo and purchased a session for herself and a gift card for her daughter (you’ll see her dog Ella’s blog soon!) Her other daughter had a session with her gorgeous dachshund Johnson back in August 2017!

Wendy told me that 16 year old Sophie was notoriously difficult to take photos of and always turned her head away from the camera. In addition to this, she doesn’t have great hearing anymore! So I will admit, I wasn’t expecting her to be such a star! Johnson came along as backup, so that she would have something to look towards. Between him and roast chicken, she performed like a seasoned model and had no troubles at all looking towards the camera.

Have you been thinking about a session with your own dog? Let's chat!

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