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Finding Joy in Life’s Little Moments

When’s the last time you stopped to smell the roses?

It’s an old phrase that evolved long before the invention of smartphones, streaming services, and Facebook. But the digital age of distractions has sent its value soaring.

It’s easy to become consumed in a consumer-driven world, but that shouldn’t keep from you enjoying the little things in life. In fact, many people are finding more joy in missing out on societal norms so they can take advantage of the smaller, simpler wonders of life.

Here’s how you can do the same:

The Joy of Missing Out

Also referred to as JOMO, this movement is making strides in combatting the effects of consumption. With media and work increasingly demanding our attention, it’s becoming something of a blessing to not know what’s happening around us. Ignorance is bliss, after all!

When we can tune out the distractions, it makes it easier for us to tune into the little things that make life worth living. Walking in the park with your best friend by your side, dipping your toes into a cool mountain stream, finding the perfect seashell on a golden sandy beach, watching the sunset, playing with your pets, and making memories with those you love: These often bring more joy than the typical distractions that rob us of these moments.

Battling Busyness

JOMO’s opponent, FOMO (fear of missing out) often prevents us from experiencing the freedom of not knowing. It comes disguised as a way to stay connected with society, remain informed and educated, and make you more productive. But each of these benefits comes with a price that not many people realise they’re paying.

This price of connectedness, distraction, and accessibility steals from you of the chance to unwind, unplug, and enjoy the simpler things.

Battling busyness can seem like a lost cause, but it doesn’t have to be. Even setting aside a little time each day to soak up the joys in life can do wonders.

Time Is Precious - Make It Count

You can spend your life chasing trends, making superficial connections, and watching how others enjoy life. Or, you can focus on making your own memories and moments that will last a lifetime!

Life is too short to miss out on all the things that make it unique, enjoyable, and meaningful. No matter where life takes you, you’ll be glad you captured the best moments along the journey.

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