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Xena and her mum Elly met me on a Sunday afternoon for a stroll through my inner City Country Location. This is one of my favourite hidden gems! Of course, it hasn't rained much at all, so everything was quite dry, lending an even more rustic feel to the setting.

Xena is a stunning brindle girl, who was so happy to be out on an adventure. Xena's mum had her DNA tested, and it turns out she is a mix of 4 breeds: American staffy, American bulldog, Boxer and Dogue de Bordeux! A whole lot of love really! We set off towards the little pine forest, enjoying all the birds we saw along the way. Xena was so well mannered, and I was so impressed with her loose leash walking and moving out of the way of other people when directed. So I knew my job would be pretty easy once we got down to the modelling business! My favourite thing? Her running face!

Elly really wanted a few pictures with her gorgeous girl, so of course we did that too.

Then she showed off her fabulous tricks, including that super high high five.

Once we'd spent some time in the forest area, we decided to start winding our way back along the path, but this time we stopped along the way to make use of the stunning country setting and the honey-gold light from the disappearing sun.

Lastly, we headed to the hill by the car park for some sunset shots and silhouettes!


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