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Travel Session // Cecil in Stanthorpe

I didnt do too many travel sessions in 2019 but I absolutely LOVE them. So if you live elsewhere, I'd be happy to make this happen now that we can travel a bit further afield in 2020! If this guy looks familiar to you, don't be surprised! This was my third shoot with Cecil, and this time, instead of coming to me, I got to go to him! His family asked if i would be willing to drive to their home town of Stanthorpe to take some photos in his usual hangout spots. Of course I said yes!

I must say it was lucky we weren't in Brisbane that weekend, it was HOT and incredibly smoky and dusty. Thankfully, it was much nicer in Stanthorpe. Our original plan was to visit a few different places including a lavender farm. Unfortunately due to the drought, it wasn't really flowering, so we had to find a few new places instead. So I met them in town, and they picked me up to take me to the first of three locations they had picked out. This was Foxbar falls. Foxbar falls has some incredible granite rock formations that I really loved shooting with- the patterns and colours were really quite stunning. There were also bushland trails that the sun was shining through, that of course we couldn't walk past without a shot or two.

Before we headed off to our second location, we thought we would go and check out another rock formation nearby. We were told it was an easy 100m walk from the sign to see Pig and Sow rock. Oh boy were they wrong! Whilst it was probably 100m, it was VERY steep up a huge rock. My legs were well and truly burning by the time we got to the top, and Cecil was still running everywhere with reckless abandon. Oh to have the energy of a terrier! Thankfully the walk wasn't for nothing. The view was incredible. A full 360 degree panoramic view of the valley, including the very dry dams.

Which we did also make use of. Whist it's incredibly sad that the land is so dry, the patterns it makes are incredibly intricate and rather stunning.

Ok, back into the car! From Foxbar falls we had a bit of a break as we drove to a vineyard that neighbours Cecil's home. The contrast from the red and sandy colours of Foxbar Falls to the greenery of the vines made for quite a contrast, but I love the variety that was in the final gallery.

As the sun sank lower, we hopped back in the car to get back to Cecils very own backyard. He is a very lucky boy and gets to chase all the rabbits his heart desires through his very own country paradise!

Complete with a roaming peacock.

Until next time Cecil and Co. Thank you for the adventure!


Do you have a place you love that you think would make a great photoshoot location? Let's make it happen!

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