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What should you wear for your pet's photoshoot?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I know being in front of a camera is not your favourite thing. In fact, I hear it quite a lot. I do always try to convince you otherwise and recommend getting in at least a few photos with your dog, even if it is just a few candids of the two of you together. This post is to help you get the absolute best out of your pet photography session!

Hair and makeup

No need to go all out- simply style as you would normally. You can dress it up or down as much as you like. There is no need to wear makeup if you don't normally. The same goes for your hair. For men, it is often a good idea to get your hair trimmed a week or so prior to the photoshoot.

a dark haired woman in activewear is holding her fluffy dog and smiling at him. They are sitting in a park

Shoes Given most dogs are significantly shorter than we are, and I spend a lot of time getting those dog level shots, it's highly likely your shoes will appear in your photos. Wear something comfortable, but nice. You are welcome to bring a change of shoes for any shots you are appearing in that are different to your walking shoes. I love it when clients wear coloured, fun shoes, but if this isn't your style- you don't have to.

a dachshund wearing a red collar sits at the feet of and looks at his female owner who is wearing matching red shoes

Outfits Gone are the days everyone in the photo has to be wearing jeans and matching white shirts. For the ladies, a dress is always a great option, though jeans and a nice shirt also look excellent. Men, stick with jeans and a nice shirt- that usually means button-down or polo. Avoid t-shirts with slogans or large logos.

When choosing your outfit your comfort is paramount. Don't wear something you wouldn't normally wear, as your discomfort will show in photos. Just be yourself! If you aren't a dress girl, simply go for your beloved jeans!

If more than one person is being photographed, ensure your outfits are coordinated. Now, this does not mean they have to be exactly the same. Simply lay all the outfits onto a bed next to one another and ensure that no one piece of clothing draws your eye too much.

A simple way to add interest to your photos is with layers. You can do this by adding things such as belts, jackets, cardigans, scarves, and necklaces.

What to avoid: - Something you would never wear

- Sunglasses (similarly, transition lenses on those who wear glasses can be problematic)

- Caps or hats that really cover the face - T-shirts with large logos

- Neon/ fluorescent colours, bright pinks and bright greens, as these don't tend to photograph well. - An outfit the same colour as your dog (ie. black with a black dog!)

- Tattered running shoes

Lets do it! I know you'll rock it.

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